Finding A Handicapped Child Dentist: The End Of A Life Long Search

We recently had the pleasure to receive a moving testimonial from Carol P., one of our dear patients.

We though it would be valuable to share this experience with other parents who may suffer from the lack of dental care their kids are currently able to receive. There is hope! Read bellow how Carol and her son saw their dentist visits improve drastically.

“In my opinion, Dr. Isabel David is a phenomenal dentist, and here’s why.  As a mother of a 43 year old Mentally Retarded son, I have searched most of his life to find a dentist who has at least some understanding of my son’s disability and the skills to be able to treat him!  Unfortunately, it has taken me 42 years to find that person!  Her name is Dr. Isabel David.  But before I explain what a phenomenal dentist she is, here is some history of my struggle to get John to cooperate during a simple dental exam with many dentists who we tried.  The typical scenario was to hold off telling him until the morning of the appointment.  I would not give him breakfast because just the thought of going would start his gag reflex during our trip to the office.  As soon as he was led to the examining room and sat in the chair, he would tightly lock his lips together refusing to open his mouth.  Although I stayed right there holding his hand and promising some enticing rewards, John refused to cooperate.  We went to Pediatric dentists, dentists who specialized in treating children with special needs, and our family dentist.  At one point I just gave up and did not take him for many years.  Within that time he developed many cavities and lost a substantial portion of two large molars!  Because John never complained about pain nor told me that his tooth had cracked, I knew nothing about the condition of his teeth.

By the time we moved to California in February 2009, I started to worry and feel guilty that John had never had a thorough dental examination.  So I made an appointment with a dentist who uses sedation to treat patients.  I was scared to use this option because of the risks but felt I had no other choice.  By this time Dr. David had become my dentist, and John had met her during one of my visits.  On the way home from her office, John told me that he liked Dr. David and wanted her as his dentist!!  My first thought was that John didn’t really know what he wanted, but I decided to give one last try.  And the rest is history.

From the time John sat in the chair, I could tell he was quite relaxed.  The first adjustment that Dr. David made was to allow extra time for John’s appointment.  Consequently, she and her assistant worked slowly and gave John several rest periods so he wouldn’t get tired of keeping his mouth open.  They talked to him, kidded around, and laughed all the while giving him a thorough exam and cleaning.   They also showed him the instruments and explained what they were doing.  It seemed that Dr. David instinctively knew how to “handle” John!  Her very nature of being friendly and soft-spoken created an atmosphere of calmness rather than fear.  Her strategy of taking small steps in the process of providing dental care for John allowed her to eventually take x-rays and to put a crown on one of his molars!!!  I never thought I’d see the day when John was able to sit in a dentist’s chair for two hours while having a tooth drilled, prepared and crowned.

I highly recommend Dr. David for all kinds of patients: those who are apprehensive, sensitive to pain, mentally challenged, or who just demand high quality in a dentist.  Dr. David is thorough, efficient, dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced, highly skilled, and caring.”

Carol P.

If you would like to get in touch with Carol to ask for further information, please contact our office first.

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